Past Performances

2008M4MPosterDirected by Simon Pell

Summer 2008

The second Castle Players production of Measure for Measure saw a large cast of pimps and prostitutes incarcerated in an on-stage prison. 

Former regular Andrew Stainthorpe returned from London for his second cameo performance, this time playing the drunken Barnardine after his success as 'King of the Sandwich Board' in 'Two Gents'.

"The magnificent set, splendid costumes and hugely credible performances by the cast created an atmosphere of utter enjoyment for an audience of all ages. Bravo!"

Ursula Aggio, audience member

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Cast Crew
Vincentio Andy Moorhouse   Designed and directed by Simon Pell
Escalus David Philbrick   Stage manager Jane Vafeas
Angelo Gordon Duffy-McGhie   Crowd direction   Bryony Bell
Lucio Adrian Mitchell   Assistant rehearsal director  Jill Cole 
1st Gentleman Sophie Philbrick   Props  Bryony Bell & Jessica Cole 
2nd Gentleman Amy Bowes   Wardrobe  Lesley Cutting (with Christine Naseby) 
Mistress Overdone Sarah Fells   Technical design & installation  Bob Blyth & Harry Robinson 
Pompey Ian Kirkbride   Site manager  William Barker 
Claudio Matthew Jones   Stage management & technical team  Mike Elder, Christopher Evans, Kathy Kerr, William Barker, David Kelly, Ralph Duffy-McGhie 
Provost Chris Best   Transport & logistics manager  Peter Atkinson 
Juliet Laura Heaviside   Set construction & painting  Simon Pell, Peter Cockerill, Andy Moorhouse, Graham Fewell, Bryony Bell, Edmund Purdy, Chris Best, Carolyn Naseby, Jane Mardon, Lewis Chapman, Rachel Smith
Friar Thomas Andrew Harrison   T-Shirt  Bryony Bell (design) 
Friar Peter Angus Wheeler   DVD  Oliver Smith 
Isabella Jill Cole   Photohgraphs  Mark Fuller 
Francisca Rhonda Hart-Davis   Stewards  Teesdale Lions 
Justice Edmund Purdy   Overnight security  Winston 
Elbow Peter Cockerill                 
Froth Graham Fewell  
Messenger John Beadle  
Abhorson Trudi Dixon  
Barnadine Andrew Stainthorpe  
Mariana Naomi Bartholomew  
Kate Keepdown Alexandra Fewell  
Juliet's Maid Pheobe Shaw  
Ragozine Peter Martin  
Copperspur Sue Kelly  
Half-can Janet Fowler  
Threepile Margie Marshall  
Drop-heir Josie Pollard  
Caper Nic Worsnop  
Deepvow Ellie Grassick  
Rash Bryony Bell  
Young Dizzy Marianne Dixon  
Forthright Sophie Philbrick  
Shoetie Amy Bowers  
Starve-lackey Rhonda Hart-Davis  
No-name Alice Byrne  
Officers Angus Wheeler, Andrew Harrison, Peter Martin  
Monks & Nuns Sue Kelly, Janet Fowler, Margie Marshall, Josie Pollard, Nic Worsnop, Ellie Grassick, Bryony Bell