Past Performances

The Battle of the Sexes

The Battle of the Sexes was a fast-paced romp based on Aristophanes' Greek play, The Poet and the Women.  It was performed outdoors at Scar Top in Barnard Castle and at a number of indoor venues around the dale.


"(The audience) had been invited to the preview of The Castle Players' latest venture, innocently described as a Greek play, a one-act farce.  All they knew before the start was that it was outrageous, loud, and very bawdy.  They didn't know it was funny, energetic, and hugely entertaining."   The Darlington and Stockton Times 1 February 1997
Spring 1997

Written and directed by Simon Pell


Euripides Trevor Clarke
Mnesilochus Rob Reed
Agathon Rowan May
Professor Andy Moorhouse
Women of Thesmophoria Trudi Dixon
Alison Davies Chris Best
Rachel Herring Ellen
Nic Worsnop Mary Stastny
Bryony Bell  




Performance at Scar Top