Past Performances

2009 - The Tempest posterDirected by Jill Cole

Summer 2009

For its 20th anniversary The Castle Players performced The Tempest.

All aboard RMS King of Naples – a 1950s cruise ship heading for the eye of the storm!

Shakespeare’s classic tale was given a whole new twist in the Castle Players’ spectacular summer production, directed by Jill Cole.

As the good ship capsizes, audience and cast alike were transported to a world of magic, mayhem and mystery… Prospero’s Island – a colourful Burlesque nightclub complete with live music, dancers, singers, a mischievous chorus line and a dubious clientele – not forgetting Caliban (a very dodgy Janitor) and Prospero, The Illusionist and Master of Ceremonies, who uses his Art to ensure that nothing is quite what it seems…


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Cast Crew
Prospero Gordon Duffy-McGhie   Director Jill Cole
Miranda Amanda Lawson   Assistant director Marianne Dixon
Ariel Naomi Bartholomew, Bryony Bell, Sue Byrne, Alice Byrne, Trudi Dixon, Marianne Dixon, Sarah Fells, Alex Fewell, Ellie Grassick, Nic Worsnop   Designer & set construction   Simon Pell
Caliban Simon Pell   Construction team 

Peter Cockerill, Andy Moorhouse, Graham Fewell, Chris Best, Jill Cole, Sue Foulston, Edmund Purdy, Harry Robinson, Jane Mardon, Sarah Fells, Catherine Ronald 

Andy Moorhouse   Stage management   Mike Elder
Ferdinand Oliver Smith   Site manager & logistics  Will Barker & Peter Atkinson 
Sebastian Caroline Thornton   Stage management team  David Kelly, Tom Greaves, Sam Fells, Kathy Kerr 
Antonia Chris Best   Technical management & installation Bob Blyth & Harry Robinson 
Gonzalo Keith Turner   Lighting operation  Chris Smith 
Adrian Matthew Jones   Sound operation  Adrian Mitchell 
Francisco Yasmine Merriott   Original music composition  Ray Johns 
Trinculo Peter Cockerill   Choreography  Jon Lee Stock 
Stephano Ian Kirkbride   Wardrobe  Lesley Cutting (with Catherine Ronald) 
Master Fred Traice   Props  Laura Heaviside, Carole le Duc, Sarah Hughes 
Boatswain Angus Wheeler   Banquet created by  Bryony Bell 
Sailors Graham Fewell, William Freeman, Gergory Jagger   The Experience Christine Naseby 
Crew Christopher Evans & Sue Foulston   Hair & make-up  Dawn Hardy 

John Beadle, Jan Fowler, Sue kelley, Jane Mardon, Josie Pollard

  Marketing  Fred Traice (with Val Wilson, Chris Bell, Andrew Harrison, David Kelly, Teresa Wilcox, Chris Naseby, Chris Best) 
Ship's Photographer Carolyn Naseby   Box office & front of house  Teresa Wilcox, Penelope Randall-Davis, Anne Briggs, Mary Stastny, Jane Cockerill, Val Wilson, Ian Wilson, Annalisa Ward, Megan Bradley, Emily Collings, Shona Dixon, Laura Guy, Chris Belle, Becky Guy, John Purkiss, Emma Guy, Briana Scally, Anneliese Baxter, Libby Harding, Sarah Kearton, Katie Murtagh, Jake Williams, Catherine Ronald, Fred Tracie, Colleen Purkiss, Ashleigh Kirby, Phoepe Shaw
Iris Graham Fewell   Programme  Fred Traice & Christine Naseby (programme), Mike Brough (design), mtprint (printing)
Ceres Angus Wheeler   Poster  Jill Cole & Mike Brough (design), David Williams (photograph) 
Juno Steven Bainbridge         
Singer Josie Pollard  
Alonso Dog Doo Dah Band Ray Johns, Mick Nicholson, Jenny Poole, Shaun Martin, Danny Allan, Tim Hillsdon