Past Performances

AWTEW Poster WebDirected by Jill Cole

Summer 2010

When Bertram leaves the family chateâu in Rossillion to stay with the ailing King of France, Helena quickly follows, cures the king, marries Bertram...and then departs for Italy.

And so begins this completely unlikely, madcap plot of young love, hot blood, confusion and trickery which sees strong women triumph over the weaknesses of the opposite sex - and traces Bertram's journey from boyhood to manhood.

Set against a backdrop of atmospheric café accordion music, live drumming, mime artists and a stage teeming with life, this production from The Castle Players delivered a highly imaginative, inventive and original night of open-air Shakespeare in the grounds of County Durham's very own ‘chateâu' which transported the audience to the chic sophistication and wild impetuosity of 1930s France. 



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Cast Crew
Countess of Rossillion Chris Best   Director Jill Cole
Bertram Chris Patterson   Assistant director Lynn Smith
Helena Ellie Grassick   Stage manager Laura Pennell 
Parolles Gordon Duffy-McGhie   Assistant stage manager  Mike Elder 
Lord Lafew
Keith Turner   Stage management team Sam Fells, Richard Rainbow, Sally Roberts
Lavatch Andrew Stainthorpe (speaking), Amanda Lawson & Caroline Thornton (mimes)   Wardrobe  Lesley Cutting 
Rynaldo Alex Fewell   Technical management & installation Bob Blyth & Harry Robinson 
King of France Ian Kirkbride   Lighting design & operation  Lynn Smith 
Dumaine Brothers Steven Bainbridge & Oliver Smith   Sound operation  Will Barker & Vaughan Freeman 
Duke of Florence Harry French   Experience design Christine Naseby 
1st Soldier Peter Cockerill   Props  Sally Roberts 
2nd Soldier Angus Wheeler   Large prop making  Simon Pell & Peter Cockerill 
Widow of Florence Trudi Dixon   Bed designed and made by Anthony Nixon Furniture 
Diana Sarah Fells   Window scene painting by  Geoff Hewitt 
Marina Nic Worsnop   Marketing 

Fred Tracie, Chris Bell, Bill Gibson, Chris Best, Tesesa Wilcox, Val Wilson, David Kelly, Peter Cockerill, Lynn Smith, Christine Naseby, Andrew Harrison, Andrew Stainthorpe, Carol Goldberg, Jill Cole, Sue Campbell

Messenger Matthew Jones   Front of House  Mal Bell, Fred Tracie, Tesesa Wilcox, Bill Oldfield, Carol Goldberg, Jane Cockerill,John Dent, Annalisa Ward, Mary Stastny, Bill Gibson, John Purkiss, Andrew Harrison, Ed Bentley, Chris Bell, Penny Randall-Davis, William Freeman, The Turrets, Teesdale Lions 
Pages Rhys Ward & Liam Sampson   Construction Will Barker, Angus Wheeler, Peter Cockerill, Chris Swift, Peter Atkinson, Mike Ward with production team and cast members. 
Maudlin Harry French               
Ensemble Judith Bainbridge, Susie Blackburn, Marianne Dixon, Libby Duffy, Alex Fewell, Sue Foulston, Gail Jordan, Kim Hodgson, Katie Knox, Carolyn Naseby, Josie Pollard, Phoebe Shaw, Chris Stead and members of the cast  
Lords & Soldiers Christopher Evans, Graham Fewell, Gregory Jagger, Fred Tracie and members of the cast  
Drummers Matt Bacon, Michael Bedwell, Ben Day-Preson