Past Performances

NickNicklebyDirected by Jill Cole

Winter 2012/2013

Touring Teesdale, The Castle Players with The Turrets presented an adaptation of Charles Dickens' masterpiece, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.

Performed in their own style of physical theatre, the epic story of Nicholas Nickleby was transferred to the stages of various village halls and other venues around Teesdale. The Players brought alive memorable characters such as Wackford Squeers, the Crummles, and of course...Smike.


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Cast Crew
Ralph Nickleby Simon Pell   Abridged, scripted & directed by Jill Cole
Newman Noggs Ian Forster   Lighting & Sound Marianne Dixon
Miss La Creevy Amy Bowers      
Hannah Sue Foulston      
Nicholas Nickleby
Oliver Smith      
Mrs Nickleby Sarah Fells      
Kate Nickleby Claudia Jevons      
Wackford Squeers Martin Foran      
Yound Wackford Sue Foulston      
Smike Andrew Stainthorpe      
Tilda Price Sarah Fells      
John Browdie Steven Bainbridge      
Mr Crummles Simon Pell      
Mrs Crummles Sarah Fells      
Sir Mulberry Hawk Andrew Stainthorpe      
Lord Frederick Verisopht Steven Bainbridge      
Charles Cheeryble Martin Foran      
Ned Cheerable Chris Best      
Madeline Bray Amy Bowers      
Arthur Gride Chris Best      
Peg Sliderskew Sue Foulston      
Policeman Sue Foulston      
The Boys Cal Baker,
Heidi Baker,
John Bell,
Rosie Blackburn,
Esia Forsyth,
Alex Moore,
Alex Renfrew,
Alfie Turner