Past Performances

As You Like It -- Summer 2012

tempest poster 2Directed by Simon Pell & Co-Directed by Mary Stastny

Summer 2012

The summer 2012 production of Shakespeare's popular comedy, As You Like It, was set in the 12th century. The Castle Players were invited to take this production to Stratford upon Avon to perform on the RSC's "Dell" open air stage as part of the Open Stages project. 

The evil Duchess Fredericka has usurped her elder sister, Duchess Senior, stolen the ducal crown and banished her to the Forest of Arden where she has been joined by rag-tag band of assorted followers. Duchess Senior's daughter, Rosalind, has been permitted to stay at court because she is the closest friend of Fredericka's only child, Celia. Orlando has fallen in love at first sight with Rosalind but is forced to flee his home after being persecuted by his older brother, Oliver. The evil Fredericka becomes angry and banishes Rosalind form court. So she and Celia decide to flee to the forest together. Unsurprisingly, everyone ends up in the forest! It is a truly comic tale of love, mistaken identity, political intrigue and rustic manners.

As last year, a live Elizabethan soundtrack was provided by world-famous lutist Jacob Heringman.


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Duchess Senior
a banished duchess

Sarah Fells


Simon Pell & Mary Stastny

A noblewoman

Josie Pollard

Designer Simon Pell & Christine Naseby

A melancholy nobleman

Andy Moorhouse

Music composed by Jacob Herringman 

Duchess Fredericka
the sister and usurper

Caroline Thornton

Songs taught by  Penny Randall-Davis 

Le Beau
a courtier

Trudi Dixon

Script adaptation  Mary Stastny 

a wrestler

Martin Foran

Stage manager 

Lez Woodhouse 

eldest son of Sir Roland de Boys

Angus Wheeler

Props  Sally Roberts, Marzia Aloisio, Claudia Jevons 

middle son of Sir Roland de Boys

Jake Williams

Technical design & installation  Bob Blyth & Harry Robinson


youngest son of Sir Roland de Boys

Matthew Jones

Stage management & technical team  Mike Elder, Marianne Dixon, Sam Fells, Vaughan Freeman, Ian Forster, Sally Roberts, Lynn Smith, Glen Wilson, Mark Banner 

a servant of Oliver

Keith Turner

Transport & logistics management   Peter Atkinson

a servant of Oliver

John Chadwick

Set construction & painting team 

Simon Pell, Graham Fewell, Matthew Heron, Andrew Heron, Lez Woodhouse, Sue Foulston, Harry French, Mary Stastny, Chiara Marty, Martin Foran) 

The Clown, alias Touchstone
in love with Audrey

Andrew Stainthorpe

Wardrobe  Lesley Cutting (with Christine Naseby, Marzia Aloisio, Charlotte Perkins, Janet Fowler, Chiara Marty, Samantha Tucker, Caroline Stanger, Sue Foulston) 

Sir Oliver Martext
a country vicar

Harry French

Publicity  Andrew Harrison


an old shepherd

Graham Fewell

Video & DVD production  Adrian Ball 

Sylvius, a young shepherd,

in love with Phoebe

Peter Cockerill

T-Shirts  Sarah Fells (With Susan Wheeler and Susan Littlefair Embroidery) 

William, a country youth
also in love with Audrey

Jake Williams

Overnight security  Winston 

Rosalind, daughter of Duchess Senior, later disguised as Ganymede

Susie Kitson

Car parking  Teesdale Lions 

Celia, daughter of Fredericka,

later disguised as Aliena

Laura Pennell

First aid  St John's Ambulance 


a shepherdess

Charlotte Perkins

Photography  Mark Fuller & David Williams 


a country wench

Katie Christensen



goddess of marriage

Chris Best

1st Forester

Christopher Evans

2nd Forester Sue Kelly
3rd Forester Nic Worsnop
1st Courtier John Chadwick
2nd Courtier Michael Taphouse
1st Page Sam Kitson
2nd Page Sue Kelly


Sue Foulston, Chiara Marty, Marzia Aloisio, Caroline Stanger, Ben Collins, Paula Collins, Janet Fowler, Chris Stead, Angela Chadwick-Green, Jane Mardon, Gill Ball, Samantha Tucker, Chris Tyler, William Freeman


Jacob Heringman (Lute), Alastair Fells (Guitar)