Past Performances

A Midsummer Night's Dream -- Summer 2013

AMidsummerNightsDreamDirected by Simon Pell & Co-Directed by Mary Stastny

Summer 2013

The Castle Players presented A Midsummer Night's Dream in the grounds of the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle in July 2013. It was The Castle Players 25th anniversary production and saw the introduction of online booking for the first time.

This Dream had it all - fairies, lovers, heroes, comedy, drama, confused identities, and a play within a play.

We would like to thank our audience - new and established - for their loyal support and for the amazing feedback  the show received.


"Fantastic. Well done to all. Can't wait for Romeo & Juliet next year! Magical evening!"

"A superlative performance from The Castle Players last night: rowdy, raucous and excellent fun. Highly recommended for next year."

"We had a great time - another brilliant performance. Huge laughs. Great setting."

"Truly magical and very funny."

"You can be sure we will be coming again next year to see Romeo & Juliet."


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Cast Crew
Theseus Angus Wheeler   Designed and directed By Simon Pell
Hippolyta Sarah Fells   Assistant director, script editor and choreographer Mary Stastny
Egeus Christopher Evans   Music composed and recorded by  Andy Yeadon (with Tom Wright, Graham Morris, Owain Davies, Peter Bousfield, John Marriott, Lotte Evans, Kaitlin Carr)
Hermia Naomi Bartholomew   Stage manager Ben Collins 
Oliver Smith   Technical design and installation  Bob Blyth & Harry Robinson 
Demetrius Steven Bainbridge   Wardrobe  Lesley Cutting (with Charlotte Perkins, Michael Coates, Janet Fowler, Sue Foulston, Eileen Connelly, La Roulette en ligne dite americaine, quant a elle, cache un numero de plus, le double zero… ce qui rend ses parties plus difficiles. Claudia Jevons, Angela Chadwick-Green, Melanie Pullan, Gill Ball, Claire Moore)  
Helena Emily Wilson   Props Phil Fanner (with Sally Roberts, Claudia Jevons)
Philostrate Andy Drozdziak   Deputy stage manager  Sally Roberts 
Oberon Ian Kirkbride   Stage management team  Chris Best, Mike Elder, Paul Taphouse, Ian Forster 
Titania Charlotte Perkins   Production managers Simon Pell & Will Barker 
Puck Marzia Aloisio & Paula Collins   Technical team Vaughan Freeman, Sam Fells, Marianne Dixon, Edward Taphouse, Amy Bainbridge, Simon Batterham, Dennis Atkinson, George Peat, Josh Bartholomew, Ben Bartholomew
1st Fairy Josie Pollard   Set construction and painting team Simon Pell, Graham Fewell, Martin Heron, Andrew Heron, Sue Foulston, Harry French, Martin Foran
Peaseblossom Claudia Jevons   Rehearsal photographs  David Williams (Calico Images) 
Cobweb Alison Brown   Performance photographs  Mark Fuller 
Moth Anna Renfrew   Transport and logistics  Peter Atkinson 
Mustardseed Nic Worsnop   Garden decoration  Christine Naseby & Mary Stastny 
An Indian Boy Aidan Tyler   Publicity  Andrew Harrison 
Puck's Double Calsie Tyler   Box office and front of house  Teresa Wilcox (with Fairies from the bottom of Theseus' garden, Chris Gibson-Bell, Fred Traice, John Chadwick, Andrew Harrison, Carole Goldberg, Chris Best and many more)
Peter Quince Harry French   Marketing Fred Traice (with Chris Gibson-Bell, Andrew Stainthorpe, Andrew Harrison, Peter Cockerill, Jane Mardon, Teresa Wilcox, Chris Tyler, Anna-Lisa Ward)
Nick Bottom Gordon Duffy-McGhie   T-shirts Sarah Fells (with Susan Littlefair Embroidery) 
Francis Flute Andrew Stainthorpe   Overnight security  Winston 
Tom Snout Martin Foran      
Snug Peter Cockerill    Sponsors Darlington Building Society, Tilly Bailey Irvine, Ripe Design, The Fox & Hounds, Gill & Ivan Carter, S&A Merchants, Scott Leathers, Oldfield's Restaurant, Calico Images, CCSC 
Robin Starveling Ralph Duffy McGhie           
Fairies Gill Ball, Angela Chadwick-Green, Judith Hamilton, Caroline Stanger, Sue Kelly, Chris Tyler, Michael Taphouse, William Freeman, Ellie Renfrew, Jane Mardon, Lydia Ball, Sue Foulston, Carolyn Naseby, Ella Blackburn, Abigail Carter  
Attendants to Theseus  Chris Stead, Janet Fowler, Phil Fanner, Angela Chadwick-Green  
Mechanicals Extras Graham Fewell, John Beadle