Past Performances

As You Like It -- Summer 1992

As-You-Like-It-PosterDirected by Simon Pell 

Summer 1992

The Castle Players returned to the grounds of the Bowes Museum following two years performing in the castle ruins.

Shortly before the production, Andrew Best, who was cast as Orlando, broke his arm. Although he hoped to perform despite his injury, the wrestling scene in which his character first appears made this impossible. Adrian Mitchell learned the part in record time and played Orlando for the public performances, with Besty appearing as a butler.

As You Like It was also memorable as the first year in which the weather turned against The Castle Players; the audience on Saturday night were left in little need of Corin's warning that "the property of rain is to wet!"

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Cast Crew
Duke Senior Stephen Roberts   Designed and directed By Simon Pell
Amiens Sarah Eastwood   Assistant director Adrian Mitchell
Jaques David Blackie   Stage management team Gillian Roberts, Michael Roberts, Sarah Roberts, Gillian Sewell, Kate Taylor
Duke Frederik John Mulley   Lighting & sound Harry Robinson, Bob Blyth, Ian Cook
Le Beau
Glenn Sewell   Wardrobe Lesley Cutting 
Charles Brian Raine   Props  Jane Vafeas
Oliver Gerry Robertson   Fundraising Stephen Roberts
Orlando Adeian Mitchell   Site coordinator Glenn Sewell 
Jaques Angus Wheeler   Box office Kirsteen Cook, Lizzie Clapham 
Adam Andy Moorhouse   Merchandising Nic Worsnop
Dennis Andrew Best   Press & publicity Judith Nash, Claire Tressider
Touchstone Paul Walker   Stewards Richard Bell, Anne Briggs, Jessica Fryer, Jim Morrow, Tracy Rose, John Thompson, Jim Morley, Elizabeth Abbott, Anne Butcher, John Lowden, Dave Rose, Simon Strefford, Ed Thompson, Sue Brisenden, Nic Brown
Sir Oliver Martext John Worsop   Hymen's dance choreographer  Gillian Sewell
Corin Rob Reed   Musical director Val Jones
Silvius Daniel Elliott      
William Michael Langham      
Rosalind Mary Stastny      
Celia Lynn Morton      
Phebe Michelle Franklin      
Audrey Liz Franklin      
Hymen Ronnie Parkin      
First and second lady to Duke Senior Judith Nash, Alison Davies      
First and second lady to Duke Frederik Nic Worsnop, Sue Humphrey      
Courtiers and foresters Andrew Best, Kate Bottomley, Alison Davies, Carl Grant, Sue Humphrey, Georgina Kinghorn, Jo Morrow, Anke Muller, Ronnie Parkin, Brian Raine, Angus Wheeler, Nic Worsnop, Jill Cole, Daniel Elliott, Mike Harris, Sally Hunt, Sue McBain, June Mouncey, Judith Nash, Mary Patesson, Claire Tressider, Jo Wolfe, Joh Worsnop           
Hymen's attendants Bryony Bell, Lucy Charlesworth, Jane Ewart, Holly McGhie, Matthew Davies, Jenny Jordan, Rachel Morrow, Sarah Worsnop, Claire Ewart, Charles Jeffrey, Katie Yeadon, Alison Hammock, Luke Jordan, Clemmie Stastny  
Musicians  Val Jones, Stephen Roberts, Glenn Sewell