Past Performances

M4M-PosterDirected by Simon Pell

Summer 1995

The political scandal and intrigue of Measure for Measure shifted naturally to a contemporary setting, with characters facing the electric chair in front of walls graffitied with newspaper headlines.

David Blackie was cast as the Duke but, when he fell ill shortly before the production, director Simon Pell was obliged to read the part from a script carefully disguised as a Bible.

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Cast Crew
Vincentio David Blackie/Simon Pell   Designed and directed by Simon Pell
Escalus David Philbrick   Assistant director David Blackie
Angelo Allan Jones   Stage management   Kirsteen Cook, Mike Elder (with John Morrison, Anne Briggs)
Lucio Rob Reed   Lighting & sound Harry Robinson, Neil McCarthy, Chris Coates, Stephen Bell
1st Tart Judith Nash   Props  Jane Vafeas
2nd Tart Jill Cole   Wardrobe  Lesley Cutting
Mistress Overdone Trudi Dixon   Newspapers devised by David Blackie
Pompey Mike Harris   Special effects chair John Morrsion 
Claudio Angus Wheeler   Set construction & painting Simon Pell, Jane Vafeas, John Morrison, Margaret Lee, David Blackie, John Worsnop, Tom Moorhouse, 
Provost Christophner Lees   Scenic artists Simon Pell, Jane Vafeas, Mary Stastny, Tom Moorhouse
Juliet Margaret Lee   Banner painting Simon Pell, John Worsnop, Jane Vafeas
Friar Thomas Tom Moorhouse   Site coordination Jane Vafeas
Friar Peter John Stead   Front of house Trevor Clarke, Mary Stastny
Isabella Alison Davies   Production manager Jane Vafeas 
Francisca Nic Worsnop      
Justice Simon Pell      
Elbow Andy Moorhouse                 
Froth Tom Moorhouse  
Messenger John Morrison  
Barnadine John Stead  
Mariana Ellen Wilson  
Servants Nic Worsnop, June Mouncey