Past Performances

The Merry Wives of Windsor -- Summer 2015

Directed by Mary Stastny

Summer 2015

The Castle Players presented Shakespeare's riotous comedy, The Merry Wives of Windsor in 2015, directed by Mary Stastny - Mary's first time as a solo director of a summer production.


The show was set in the Edwardian era, circa 1910. The Garter Inn doubled as a music hall and place of ill repute. Merry Wives was written over 500 years ago and yet Mistress Page, one of the Windsor wives, is so indignant after receiving a love letter from Sir John Falstaff she declares, "Why I will exhibit a Bill in Parliament for the putting down of men!" Fast forward 400 years and we find the indignant women of Windsor are on the march, like all their sister suffragettes, demanding votes for women and equality with men.

Our play had scenes from the music hall and Edwardian ladies out and about on the streets of Windsor following their various colourful, contrasting and contradictory purposes.

"I would highly recommend this play for all the family."


"That's the best Shakespeare play I've ever seen!"


"What is always a favourite aspect of watching the Castle Players is the ease at which the cast deliver their parts; not only are they consummate professionals in their approach to learning and understanding the script, but they are so relaxed with each other that should there be a slight slip or deviation from the plan then they embrace it..."



Merry-Wives---Photograph-by-Mark-Fuller Merry-Wives-2015-by-Mark-Fuller-2 Merry-Wives-2015-by-Mark-Fuller-3 Merry-Wives-2015-by-Mark-Fuller-4 Merry-Wives-2015-by-Mark-Fuller-5 Merry-Wives-2015-by-Mark-Fuller-6Merry Wives Review Northern Echo 2015                          


Cast Crew
Sir John Falstaff Gordon Duffy-McGhie   Directed by Mary Stastny
Frank Ford Andrew Stainthorpe   Set designer and production manager Simon Pell
Mistress Alice Ford Marzia Aloisio   Director of music  Steven Bainbridge
George Page Angus Wheeler   Stage manager Ben Collins 
Mistress Margaret Page
Jill Cole   Wardrobe  Lesley Cutting with Lesley Hanson, Dawn Richmond
Anne Page Phoebe Shaw   Technical design and installation  Bob Blythe and Harry Robinson
Fenton Jack Parker   Properties Claudia Jevons
Sir Hugh Evans Paul Burke   Set decoration and prop manufacture  Christine Naseby
Dr Caius Ben Pearson   Stage management team Sally Roberts, Sam Fells, Mike Elder, Rob Fairless
Robert Shallow JP Ian Kirkbride   Site manager Ian Cook
Abraham Slender Sean Mitchell   Technical team Vaughan Freeman, Charlotte Thresher, Dennis Atkinson
Host of the Garter Peter Cockerill   Set construction and painting team Simon Pell, Graham Fewell, Ben Pearson, Ian Cook, Carolyn Naseby, Nicholas Perkins, Rhonda Hart-Davis, Charlotte Perkins, Jane Mardon, Dawn Trevor, Mary Stastny, Harry French, Liz Green, Jake Commandeur
Mistress Quickly Trudi Dixon   Hair and Make-up Jessica Hesp (hair), Jane Cockerill (make-up)
Rugby Simon Pell   Transport and logistics  Peter Atkinson
Peter Simple Aidan Tyler   Press and publicity  Andrew Harrison
Pistol/Robert Christopher Evans   Website and social media Andrew Stainthorpe
Nym/John Ian Forster   Box office and front of house manager  Teresa Wilcox
Bardolph Graham Fewell   Marketing team Peter Cockerill, Teresa Wilcox, Andrew Stainthorpe, Chris Best, Chris Gibson-Bell, Christine Naseby, Adele Tyler, Ben Pearson
Robin  Cal Baker   Singing coach Penny Randall-David
Barstaff Singers Sarah Fells, Charlotte Perkins, Dawn Trevor, Adele Tyler   Onsite work Multiple volunteers from cast and crew
Garter Inn Pianist Steven Bainbridge   T-shirts Sarah Fells (organisation, Susan Littlefair Embroidary (production) 
Suffragettes / Housemaids /Nanny Susie Blackburn, Sue Byrne, Rhonda Hart-Davis, Clauida Jevons, Carolyn Naseby, Josie Pollard, Chris Stead, Nic Worsnop   Rehearsal photographer David Williams (Calico Images)
Newspaper Seller Heidi Baker   Performance photographer Mark Fuller
Postmaster'sBoy Ethan Rawlins   Programme ffresh Creative
Page Housekeeper Chris Stead   Poster design Bara Spackova
Ford Housekeeper Nic Worsnop   Sponsors Tilly Bailey Irvine, The Fox & Hounds, Gill & Ivan Carter, S&A Merchants, Scott Leathers, Oldfield's Restaurant, Smith & Allen, Mithrill Ales, ThinkRoom 10, ffresh Creative
Omnibus Driver, Policeman, Lamplighter Simon Pell