Past Performances

Twelfth Night -- Summer 2006

2006 Twelfth Night posterDirected by Simon Pell

Summer 2006

The Castle Players were delighted to welcome three sixth form students from Barnard Castle School into the cast of Twelfth Night. Sophia Wilmot-Josife, Lewis Fieldhouse and Nathan Toth each took a main speaking part, joining the action as it developed around an imposing castle set. 

The story was played out to a soundtrack by Queen, a stark audio contrast to the traditional staging and costume.

"A SHAKESPEAREAN comedy that has been played out many times, but few could be as entertaining as this."The Northern Echo

"Edward Cole was a very lively Sir Andrew Aguecheek, and a perfect foil for Graham Fewell as the debauched Sir Toby Belch. Feste was played with flair by Gordon Duffy-McGhie, and Andrew Stainthorpe was brilliant as a vivacious Malvolio."falsgame font-size: 8pt;">NODA

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2006 Twelfth Night 1 2006 Twelfth Night 2 2006 Twelfth Night 3 2006 Twelfth Night 4 2006 Twelfth Night 5 2006 Twelfth Night 6 


Cast Crew
Orsino Lewis Fieldhouse   Directed & designed by Simon PEll
Valentine Alex Fewell   Assistant director Chris Best
Curio Jane Vafeas   Crowd workshop leader  Jill Cole 
1st Officer Ralph Duffy-McGhie   Stange manager  Mike Elder 
2nd Officer Ben Mansfield   Props  Jane Vafeas 
Viola / Cesario Sophia Wilmot-Josife   Wardrobe  Lesley Cutting (with Marian Rayner, Margaret Wright) 
Sebastian Nathan Toth   Technical design & installation  Bob Blyth & Harry Robinson 
Captain Andrew Harrison   Original song music  Ray Johns 
Antonio Angus Wheeler   Stage management & technical crew 

Lez Woodhouse, Gwen Cooksey, Erica Lawson-Spence,

Alex Roberts, Alex Pollard, Bryony Bell, Mary Offer,

Christopher Evans, William Barker 

Olivia Naomi Bartholomew   Transport & logistics  Peter Atkinson 
Maria Sarah Fells   Set construction & painting 

Simon Pell, Jane Vafeas, Bridget Tyldsley, John Beadle,

Caroline Carter, Margaret Wright, Ian Kirkbride, Mike Galbraith,

Suzy Galbraith, Alastair Fells, Edmund Purdy, Marian Rayner,

Jane Mardon, Gwen Cooksey, Mary Stastny, Lez Woodhouse, Graham Fewell 

Sir Toby Belch Graham Fewell   Production assistant  Christine Naseby 
Sir Andrew Aguecheek Edward Cole      
Malvolio Andrew Stainthorpe      
Fabian Chris Hipkiss      
Feste Gordon Duffy-McGhie      
Servant Ellie Grassick      
Priest John Beadle      
Orsino's Attendants Josie Pollard & Ruth Malloy      
Olivia's Attendant Rhonda Hart-Davis      
Gardeners Caroline Carter, Sue Kelly, David Kelly, Nic Worsnop, Sue Byrne, Bridget Tyldsley      
Feste's Hangers-on Alastair Fells, George Duffy-McGhie, Daisy Fells, Sam Fells, Chris Best      



Shakespeare - The Cabaret -- Winter 2005

headshotDirected by Simon Pell

Winter 2005

A selection of scenes and songs, Shakespeare - the Cabaret! was written by Simon Pell for an ensemble cast, with reference to thirteen of Shakespeare's works - comedies, tragedies and histories.

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Company & Crew
Will Barker Naomi Bartholomew
John Beadle Chris Best
Bob Blyth Julia Clague
Lesley Cutting Alastair Fells
Sarah Fells Alex Fewell
Graham Fewell Rob Galbraith
Suzy Galbraith Ellie Grassick
Andrew Harrison Chris Hipkiss
Matthew Jones Ian Kirkbride
Sarah Lumley Ben Mansfield
Adrian Mitchell Edmund Purdy
Andrew Stainthorpe Bridget Tyldsley
Jane Vafeas Nic Worsnop


The Taming of the Shrew -- Summer 2005

2007 - Shrew poster - webDirected by Simon Pell

Summer 2005

The Players' second version of The Taming of the Shrew was performed to sell-out audiences of over 2500 over four nights. 

As usual, it received acclaim from local press and was a focal point of Teesdale society in July 2005.

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2007 - Shrew  1 2007 - Shrew  2 2007 - Shrew  3 2007 - Shrew  4 2007 - Shrew  5 2007 - Shrew  6 


Cast Crew
Lucentio Tamlyn Hodson   Directed & designed by Simon Pell
Tranio Jill Cole   Assistant director  Trevor Clarke
Baptista Minola Keith Turner   Crowd director Jill Cole & Liz Moss
Katherina Sue Mary Stastny   Stage manager  Mike Elder
Bianca Sarah Fells   Props  Jane Vafeas 
Gremin Edmund Purdy   Wardrobe  Lesley Cutting
Hortensio Andrew Stainthorpe   Lighting & sound design  Bob Blyth & Harry Robinson 
Biondello Sue Byrne   Stage management team 

Kathy Kerr, Trevor Clarke, Rachel Atkinson, Mary Offer,

Katy Banner, Laura Heavisde, Christopher Evans,

Lez Woodhouse, Jane Vafeas 

Petruchio Gordon Duffy-McGhie   Transportation & logistics  Peter Atkinson 
Grumio Chris Best   Set construction & painting 

Simon Pell, Edmund Purdy, Lez Woodhouse, Graham Fewell,

John Beadle, Jane Vafeas, David Philbrick, Rosie Thornton,

Katy Banner, Ellie Grassick, ALex Fewell, Ian Kirkbride,

Chris Best, Keith Turner, Bridget Tyldsley, John Worsnop, Mary Stastny 

Servant Julia Clague   Production assistants   Chris Best & Christine Naseby
Curtis Graham Fewell                         
Nathaniel Ellie Grassick  
Philip Andrew Harrison  
Joseph Edward Cole  
Nicholas Ralph Duffy-McGhie  
Servingman Angus Wheeler  
Peter John Beadle  
Pedant Andy Moorhouse  
Tailor Nic Worsnop  
Haberdasher Alex Fewell  
Vincentio Ian Kirkbride  
Widow Josie Pollard  
Officer Simon Pell  
Flower Seller Jill Esnouf  
Fruit Seller Ben Mansfield  
Descendant of Icarus Will Bennett  
Leonardo da Vinci Mike Harris  
Citizens of Padua Bridget Tyldsley & Fred Traice  
Wandering Minstrel Alastair Fells  
Wandering Minstrel's Children Sam Fells, Daisy Fells, Jack Burton  
Musicians Jack Burton & Edward Cole  



The Comedy Of Errors -- Summer 2004

Comedy of Errors posterDirected by Simon Pell

Summer 2004

Simon Pell returned as director for his second production of The Comedy of Errors, first performed in the castle ruins in 1990.  The audience this year arrived at the Bowes Museum - although they could have been excused for mistaking the venue for Turkey, as the stage was transformed into a bustling souk and the entrance to the auditorium wound among stalls selling genuine crafts and metalwork.

Meanwhile, Liz Moss, cast as Adriana, broke her leg during rehearsals.  Undeterred she continued in the part, with her crutches coming in useful for reprimanding her errant menfolk!

"We were too busy casting our eyes over the magnificent building that we didn't immediately see just what a professional set-up the Castle Players' productions are." - Weardale Gazette

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Comedy 1 Comedy 2 Comedy 3 Comedy 4 Comedy 5 Comedy 6 


Cast Crew
Solinus Andy Moorhouse   Directed & designed by Simon Pell
Egeon Keith Turner   Assistant director Jill Cole
Emilia Chris Best   Assistant rehearsal director Trevor Clarke 
Antipholus of Ephasus Alan Haddick   Stage manager  Mike Elder 
Antipholus of Syracuse Angus Wheeler   Production managers  Christine Naseby & Jane Vafeas
Dromio of Ephasus Tamly Hodson   Props  Jane Vafeas 
Dromio of Syracuse Adrian Mitchell   Lighting & sound design  Bob Blyth & Harry Robinson 
Adriana Liz Moss   Wardrobe  Lesley Cutting 
Luciana Georgina Milner   Engineered props  Dick Francis 
Luce Mary Offer   Belly dance choreography  Anne Kearton 
Balthasar Edmund Purdy   Stage management team Lez Woodhouse, Trevor Clarke, Rebecca Vafeas, Shona Jones, Christopher Evans, Bryony Bell 
Angelo Andrew Stainthorpe   Transportantion & logistics  Peter Atkinson 
Doctor Pinch Rob Bullard   Technical team  Pippa Francis, Peter Lovatt, Richard Frennaux, Craig Carter 
1st Merchant Edward Cole   Set construction  Simon Pell, Lez Woodhouse, Edmund Purdy, Angus Wheeler, Pippa Francis, Tom Barkas, Chris Best, John Worsnop, Jane Vafeas
2nd Merchant David Philbrick   Scene painters  Simon Pell, Marion Grapes, Jane Vafeas, Bridget Tyldsley, Katie Brown, Chris Best, Mary Stastny 
Officer & Gaoler Adrian Waterworth      
Courtesan Sarah Fells      
Messenger Julia Park      
Hench Gordon Duffy-McGhie      
Hench's Assistant Ralph Duffy-McGhie      
Headsman Will Bennett      
Nuns Sue Byrne & Bridget Tyldsley      
Tarts Laura Heaviside, Jessica Cole, Katy Banner, Katie Brown, Suzie Crowe, Jill Church      
Servants Alex Fewell & Julia Clague      
Merchants & Traders Arthur Carrington, John Beadle, Mike Harris, Fred Traice, Jill Cole, Thom Robinson, Andrew Harrison, Nic Worsnop, Rupert Philbrick      
Crowd Victoria Bainbridge, Luke Kelly, Luke Bailey, Ralph Duffy-McGhie, Tim Greaves, Helen Hutchinson, Ashleigh Kettlewell, Sian Morgan, Sarah Thompson, Leanne Kettlewell, Gregory Jagger, Tom Greaves, William Freeman, Ruby Carrington, Katy Walton, Harriet Honess      


Dracula Re-Vamped! -- Winter 2003 and 2004

headshotDirected by Simon Pell

Winter 2003 and 2004

An hilarious drama devised from the classic gothic horror story by Bram Stoker. 

Through workshops and improvisation the group evolved a script using physical theatre, a few props and nine wooden boxes.

When one of our cast was chosen to participate in the TV show 60 Minute Makeover, The Castle Players were also featured in her garden providing entertainment.

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Dracula-(1) Dracula-(2) Dracula-(3) Dracula-(4) Dracula-(5) Dracula-(6) Dracula-(7) Dracula-(8) Dracula 


Cast Crew
Count Dracula Andrew Stainthorpe   Directed by Simon Pell
Professor Van Helsing Edmund Purdy   Assistant directors Mary Stastny & Trevor Clarke
Jonathan Harker Tamlyn Hodson   Stage manager and props  Jane Vafeas 
Mina Murray Sarah Fells   Wardrobe  Lesley Cutting 
Lucy Westenra Laura Heaviside (2003), Mary Stastny (2004)               
Arthur Holmwood Jon Smith  
Quincey Morrris Chris Best  
Doctor John Seward Philippa Francis  
Renfield Will Bennett  
Captain Donaldson & Vampire Woman Kate Umpleby