Past Performances

Oliver Twist -- Winter 1999

Oliver Twist

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Winter 1999






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Nicholas Nickleby -- Winter 1998

Nicholas Nickleby

Following the success of A Christmas Carol, a group from The Castle Players adapted a second Dickens classic to tour pubs and village halls in Teesdale.

Winter 1998

Directed by Simon Pell


Mr Nicholas Nickleby

Gordon Duffy-McGhie

Mrs Nickleby, his mother Chris Best
Miss Kate Nickleby, his sister Nic Worsnop
Mr Ralph Nickleby, his uncle John Winter
Mr Newman Noggs, Ralph's secretary John Worsnop
Hannah, a surly servant Fiona Ottewell
Mr Wackford Squeers, master of Dotheboys Hall Mike Harris
Mrs Squeers, his wife Trudi Dixon
Miss Fanny Squeers, their daughter Judith Nash
Tilda, a friend of Fanny Carolyn Robson
John Browdie, Tilda's fiance Rob Reed
Smike, an inmate of Dotheboys Hall Andy Moorhouse
Phib, the Squeers' servant girl Helen Dexter
Tomkins, an inmate of Dotheboys Hall Jan
Coates, an inmate of Dotheboys Hall Rosemary
Jennings, an inmate of Dotheboys Hall Bryony Bell
Pitcher, an inmate of Dotheboys Hall Mary Stastny
Sprouter, an inmate of Dotheboys Hall Carolyn Naseby
Mr Crowl, an elderly neighbour of Noggs David Philbrick
Mrs Kenwigs, another neighbour of Noggs Jan
Lord Frederick Verisopht, suitor to Kate John Beadle
Sir Mulberry Hawk, suitor to Kate Rob Reed
Mr Crummles, a thespian of some repute Trevor Clarke
Mrs Crummles, his wife Chris Best
Mr Ned Cheeryble, a businessman John Beadle
Mr Charles Cheeryble, his brother Trevor Clarke

Timothy Linkinwater, their clerk

David Philbrick
Mr Bray, a bankrupt gentleman Mike Harris
Madeleine Bray, his daughter Mary Stastny
Mr Arthur Gride, a business associate of Ralph Andy Moorhouse
Mr Brooker, a man from Ralph's past Rob Reed


Adapted by Rob Reed
Rachel Herring Trudi Dixon
Mitch Mitchell  
Edited by Simon Pell
Gruel time at Dotheboy's Hall

The cast meet a descendant of Wackford Squeers in Bishop Auckland

A Christmas Carol -- Winter 1997

A Christmas Carol

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Winter 1997

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Ebenezer Scrooge



Mother Courage and Her Children -- Summer 1995

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The Reeve’s Tale from Canterbury Tales -- Summer 1995

Were you part of The Reeve's Tale?

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