Merry Wives of Windsor - July 2015

Event Details

From: 7th July, 2015
To: 11th July, 2015
At: Grounds of The Bowes Museum

Further Details

The Castle Players presented Shakespeare's riotous comedy, The Merry Wives of Windsor in 2015, directed by Mary Stastny - Mary's first time as a solo director of a summer production.

The show was set in the Edwardian era, circa 1910. The Garter Inn doubled as a music hall and place of ill repute. Merry Wives was written over 500 years ago and yet Mistress Page, one of the Windsor wives, is so indignant after receiving a love letter from Sir John Falstaff she declares, "Why I will exhibit a Bill in Parliament for the putting down of men!" Fast forward 400 years and we find the indignant women of Windsor are on the march, like all their sister suffragettes, demanding votes for women and equality with men.

Our play had scenes from the music hall and Edwardian ladies out and about on the streets of Windsor following their various colourful, contrasting and contradictory purposes.

  • Cast

    Role Name
    Role 1Name 1
    Role 2Name 2
    Role 3Name 3
    Role 4Name 4
    Role 5Name 5
    Role 6Name 6
    Role 7Name 7
    Role 8Name 8
    Role 9Name 9
    Role 10Name 10


    Role Name
    DirectorMary Stastny
    Set Designer & Production ManagerSimon Pell
    Music DirectorSteven Bainbridge
    Stage ManagerBen Collins
    WardrobeLesley Cutting, Lesley Hanson & Dawn Richmond
    Technical Design & InstallationBob Blythe & Harry Robinson
    PropertiesClaudia Jevons
    Set Decoration & Prop ManufactureChristine Naseby
    Stage Management TeamSally Roberts, Sam Fells, Mike Elder, Rob Fairless
    Site ManagerIan Cook
    Tilly Bailey & Irvine The Bowes Museum The Witham Mithril Ales S&A Builders Merchants