The Cagebirds - Oct 2016

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From: 19th October, 2016
To: 21st October, 2016
At: Whorlton Village Hall & The Witham

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Six women live in a locked room, each absorbed in their own interests and unable to remember anything but a few cherished snippets of the world outside. But their sense of security is shattered when their mistress warder introduces a new bird with a lively curiosity about life and relationships. When the Wild One picks the lock and challenges them to fly the cage, the birds are forced to choose between freedom and security.  

Performed by eight women, David Campton's short allegorical play, The Cagebirds, focuses on the compliant oblivion that has overtaken the minds of the imprisoned birds. 


Role Name
The MistressCarolyn Naseby
The Wild OneSusie Kitson
Medicated GloomNicola Worsnop
Long-Tongued GossipSusannah Handley
Mirror-Eyed GazerElla Blackburn
Constant TwitteringPhoebe Shaw
Regular ThumpTrudi Dixon
Great GuzzlerLaura Shaw


Role Name
DirectorMary Stastny
Tilly Bailey & Irvine The Bowes Museum The Witham Mithril Ales S&A Builders Merchants