The Rehearsed Readings or Script in Hand performances are another part of the Castle Players. Any member can take part to suit their availability. We perform for free and to audiences who might struggle to see shows otherwise, such as nursing homes. 

Performances vary greatly in content but usually contain poems, monologues, sketches, a song or two and last around forty minutes.

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One of the pleasures of the Script in Hand is you don’t have to be involved in every performance. Once the programme is devised the pieces can be shared to whoever is available on the date, with minimal rehearsing, which means even those already involved in the summer or winter tours can still get involved. Some people have been in every performance, some just one and some just like to research the pieces! It is a lovely opportunity to give something back to audiences who only a few years previously may have been able to come out to see our summer or winter shows but now, for whatever reason, find this difficult.

We hope to continue to provide free entertainment to people or Groups who might not otherwise be able to get to see live theatre, so we would love to hear from you if you have an audience in mind. If we can entertain, we will!

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